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“The staff being so highly trained and competent has reduced the frequency of seizures for my patients.”
Consultant Neurologist – Mayday Hospital 

Our medical team comprises of a doctor specialising in epilepsy, and two specialist epilepsy nurses. They provide a 24 hour on-call service. 

The specialist nature of our service means we can review the medical needs of our service users frequently. Medication changes can then be discussed with the appropiate neurologist and implemented. Without this medical expertise, people often have to wait until their bi-annual or annual consultant appointment for this type of review. We do of course work closely with NHS based neurology consultants to discuss the ongoing care of our service users, and with our own team of therapists, NHS therapista, and local GPs. 


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Our medical expertise and epilepsy specialism improves the quality of life experienced by our service users, and minimizes risks


Woodland Court 'Harestone' Development

Follow along with us on our newest development we are calling Woodland Court which will open as a vibrant, community based supported-living service supporting young people with epilepsy; located in Caterham, Surrey and opening in 2017.

The new build will be our 15th service and has been developed to offer all the expertise and support of our specialist team, together with the highest-quality design specifications, to help service users live a fulfilling and an independent life in a bright, modern environment.

It is still a work in progress but look at the pictures below to see the how it is coming along. Check back regularly as we are adding new pictures all of the time.

It is looking nearly complete!
View of the Woodland Court houses from the roof of the main building
Artist's impression of the garden at Woodland Court
Artist's impression of the front at Woodland Court
The roof is almost complete
2012: Harestone in the snow before any work has taken place
16/04/15: Construction has started
01/06/15: It is starting to take shape
01/06/15: It is starting to take shape
19/08/15: The build is coming along nicely!
19/08/15: The build is coming along nicely!
19/08/15: The build is coming along nicely!
19/08/15: The build is coming along nicely!



We were founded by John and Dr Melanie MacLeod in 1997. As a doctor specialising in epilepsy, having worked in London hospitals as well as specialist schools, Dr Melanie MacLeod wanted to provide young people leaving education with a safe environment in the community where their epilepsy could be managed by experts. Her vision was that young people would be encouraged and supported to fulfil their aspirations with as much independence as possible.

This ethos proved a huge success with service users, parents and care managers.Today, our service users arrive from all over the country, many have come straight from school, meaning we are able to support their transition to adult services.

Our services have been established in suburban settings so that service users can access the community with support from our highly trained staff. We focus on promoting independence and supporting people with different abilities to reach their full potential. We provide adults with epilepsy with one of the most specialised services available in the UK.

We are constantly growing and opening services so we can accommodate more and more individuals who require help to lead independent lives.

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Our services are inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are proud of our reports and our high standards. Our domiciliary care agency received an excellent 3 star rating for three consecutive years. The CQC no longer operates its star rating system, however under its new assessments of specific outcomes we continue to operate at the highest standards. CQC reports are useful for highlighting our areas of our specialism and showcasing the quality of care we provide. Reports demonstrate how we are performing and as the CQC state, "what the people who receive care" have to say.

You can access the CQC website here

Accolades from CQC:

The focus of our inspections

The focus of our inspections is the experiences people have when they receive care and the impact the care has
on their health and wellbeing. We make our judgements against the regulations, and the judgements we make are
informed by these experiences. This is why inspectors spend a lot of their time on an inspection directly
observing care and talking to people who receive care, their family and carers. They will check their findings in a
number of ways, perhaps by looking at records, or speaking with staff, to reach their judgements

“The service users state that Independence Homes has given them their freedom”

“It is clear the service users value the autonomy and independence they have whilst receiving the level of support commensurate with their needs and safety.”

"The written feedback to CQC describes Independence Homes as “an excellent service providing excellent care…”.

“Service users feel that they are treated with respect and valued as a person, and their right to privacy is upheld."