We all walked around the little stalls. Then one service user raced over to the tea cup ride - and loved every minute of being on that as it went around.

The Independence Homes medical team had the privilege this week to watch footage of one of our service users during his music therapy session, and it was a joy to see the music transcending his communication barriers, and to watch him responding to the music and expressing himself.

Last week we celebrated the 6th birthday of Foxley Lane itself and we also celebrated the birthday of one of our service users on the 8th of July.

Managing “Co-Morbidities” Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The key to our high quality support is looking at each individual as a whole.

A co-morbidity is any other medical condition which links to the primary diagnosis.  For the majority of our service users, epilepsy is their primary diagnosis, but almost always, co-morbid medical conditions are present as well. 

A fun day out! Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We set off in the lovely sunshine for Hampton Court. Our guys were definately on a mission to visit the Queen and her house -  and to find her for a cup of tea.

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