Home: a place to enjoy time with friends and loved ones

Each of our services has its own unique personality. Some of this is determined by the nature of the service manager, but the very best managers are able to channel the energy of the service users to determine the agenda.

They respect the fact that our service users are adults, and should be respected like any other adult. With respect comes responsibility, and service users are encouraged to take as much responsibility as they can for their own lives.

Elaine, Lauren and Lynda live together, along with three other ladies, all of whom have epilepsy. The staff who support them are clearly devoted, but that doesn’t mean everything is done for them. Far from it. They take the view that these women are individuals, bright people with ambitions, worries and preferences, just like the rest of us. They just happen to have a complex medical condition.

Although Independence Homes is providing a service, there’s no doubt it provides a home from home, too. The six ladies are all encouraged to keep their home clean and tidy, and they are supported to learn essential domestic skills.
Their garden is beautifully maintained, and on those rare occasions in a British summer when the weather permits, a barbeque is often their preferred evening activity. After a hard day’s work there are few things as enjoyable as sipping something cool and eating something tasty.