Sherif passes his first photography assignment

When Sherif first moved into Churchview he explained to staff that he wanted to try and complete a degree in photography.

He had previously attempted to attend a course at university only for his seizures to become worse because of the pressure of deadlines. Not having the support he needed caused him to drop out soon after the course started. 

Sherif signed up for an Open University degree and with our specially-trained staff, and the ability to work from home; he set about achieving his goals.

It's not been easy - there's been a lot of pressure on Sherif. With the support from our great team (being able to sit with him so we can take notes when he speaks to his online tutor), he's been able to know where he should be focusing his work even if he has a seizure. The staff can simply put him back on the right track. His previous experience of University would have meant that he would have just missed his lectures.

So we are proud to announce that Sherif has received his first letter saying he has completed and passed his first assignment. Now he has the correct support in place (and more importantly the drive and determination) it looks like he's on the right road to getting the degree that he so wants.

I think you'll agree that even though he's still got a long way to go, it's well  within his grasp and we will all wish him the best.