Specialist Care Transforms Life for Tom

Finding the right care provider is a worry and a challenge for parents and care commissioners alike. It’s made even harder if epilepsy is involved. It’s a highly unpredictable condition, and it has a habit of ruining the best laid plans.

It needs extremely careful management at all times, which is why the services provided by Independence Homes are so necessary and invaluable. It’s a service that has had a transformational effect on service user Tom and his mum, Julie.

Tom arrived after a difficult time at another care home due to his deteriorating epilepsy control. Tom’s epilepsy and learning disabilities have a profound impact on his life, but like anyone, he knows what he likes.  Now, things are looking up for Tom, as his Mum explains. “The point is that Independence Homes is the epilepsy specialist.

They have epilepsy specialist nurses available at any time, and through them, a direct line to Tom’s neurologist. A recent change in his medication has led to a significant reduction in the number of seizures he’s having, and that means he can access so much more. I feel more confident too when he comes home for visits. Most of Tom’s seizures are at night, so it’s vital for his safety that there are staff awake around the clock. That’s the case here at Independence Homes. It wasn’t at the previous home. Even then, Tom needs lots of one to one support to help him make the most of life. The therapists here are wonderful. His art therapy and his music therapy give him the chance to really express himself.”

Tom’s art therapist is Andrea Gregg, who has been qualified for seven years, and is a member of the British Association of Art Therapists. She says: “I started working with Tom last year, and we’re seeing some big changes. As his confidence has grown he has started to vocalise and engage with me, both through eye contact, and by concentrating on activities for longer periods of time. Of course some weeks are better than others, but the progress Tom is making is quite clear. I think art therapy will help other aspects of Tom’s life too. The visual stimulation it provides can help people improve their memory, which is often a problem for people with epilepsy.”
Independence Homes has 13 specialist therapists who provide a tailored package for service users depending on their level of need. It’s part of the specialist care that makes us one of the best providers of epilepsy care and support in the UK.