Success Stories

The moment when a child leaves home is a significant time for families. It will be mixed with a sense of excitement, sadness and some trepidation.

Gemma is 30 years old and was one of our first residential care service users. She now lives in a modern flat in Purley.

Gemma came to us from a specialist school and wasn’t able to do much for herself. She had a diagnosis of idiopathic generalized epilepsy having had her first seizures at the age of eight months.

29 year old Hayley has complex uncontrolled epilepsy. She suffers from frequent seizures and seizure clusters despite being on a protocol of anticonvulsants and having a vagal nerve stimulator. She is also registered blind, as a result of which she now has her second guide dog called ‘Buster’ a 2 year old Labrador/Retriever cross. He’s quite big and Hayley says he is her ‘gentle giant’.

August 2011 found the service users and staff of Brambledown along with their guests celebrating 10 years with Independence Homes.

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