Success Stories

Making the case for people with severe epilepsy and learning disabilities to receive specialist care and support from an organisation such as Independence Homes is a hugely important and often complex process. For some people, it can mean the difference between happiness and misery.

Linda arrived at Liberty Court, a modern development of one and two bedroom flats for people with epilepsy, after living in a residential service.

Finding the right care provider is a worry and a challenge for parents and care commissioners alike. It’s made even harder if epilepsy is involved. It’s a highly unpredictable condition, and it has a habit of ruining the best laid plans. It needs extremely careful management at all times, which is why services provided by Independence Homes are so necessary and invaluable. It’s a service that has had a transformational effect on service user Tom and his mum, Julie.

The supported living services provided by Independence Homes are amongst the most modern in the country. They’re now home to men and women from across the country who have the ambition to overcome their epilepsy and make the most of their lives, just like 39 year old Alan, who lives at Liberty Court. Although Alan likes his own space, he’s a very sociable man.

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