• By Daniela Jacques
  • Jan 31, 2018

2018 Wellbeing Challenge

Independence Homes are launching our 2018 Wellbeing Challenge.

From the 1st February, we are focusing on a theme each month to support good health. Each theme will support improvement in one aspect of your overall wellbeing.

Whatever challenges we face, we can all make regular small improvements which over time will improve overall health and wellbeing.

Everyone in the Independence Homes community is getting involved.  Staff, Service Users, friends, families and supporters.

To kick off, February’s theme is ‘Fruity Fabulous February”

The challenge

Eat two pieces of fruit every day and every week seek out a new fruit, one you have never tried before.

Check out Facebook, Twitter, Genie and the Service User Intranet for tips, facts and mini-challenges.  Share your pictures and messages tell us how the challenge is going for you.

Here is the first tip to help you get the most out of Fruity February:



Now go get fruity!