Mindfulness in adult social care
  • By Daniela Jacques
  • May 15, 2018

Mindful May

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift – Oogway (Kung-Fu Panda)

Independence Homes has launched ‘Mindful May’ and we are exploring different ways to be ‘in the present’ and mindful. Mindfulness can increase someone’s ability to be in tune with their thought, emotions, and sensations. If maintained, changes can have a positive impact on someone’s mood, helping them to get more enjoyment out of their everyday life.

Mindfulness is another way to help generate feelings of general wellbeing which is what our Wellbeing Challenge is all about.

One of our Deputy Service Manger, Kostas, talks about some of the activities that have been taking place at his service.

“At Russell Hill, we have all made adjustments to our daily lifestyle to encourage mindfulness, improve nutrition and maximise mobility.

One example is during the evenings after everyone is ready to unwind for the day, we hold music sessions and different group activities focusing on relaxing and reflecting on the day. One of the favourites saw service users enjoying making pizza together., this provided an excellent sensory experience which people of any ability could enjoy.