• By Daniela Jacques
  • Jun 8, 2018

No Junk June

Most people are now aware that food containing high quantities of saturated fat and sugar is not healthy; contributing to a host of serious conditions from diabetes to cancer. Here are some of the less known harmful effects that the overeating of junk can have:

  • Sadness. The lack of essential nutrients contained in junk food can affect your hormone balance which can affect mood. It is especially important for people at hormone sensitive life stages like puberty and menopause to have a balanced diet.
  • Brain function– studies on animals have shown that trans-fats contained in junk food can interfere with brain signals and the ability to learn new skills.
  • Digestion – Oil from deep fried food deposited in the stomach causes acidity and irritation. The lack of fibre in junk food also hinders digestion.
  • It can make you tired – Non-nutritious food is often low in protein and complex carbohydrates which affect blood sugar levels causing energy crashes.

Ready-Made meals and fast food is marketed as a quick and easy option so we can forget just how simple, fresh food can be to prepare.

Which is why we have made June’s Wellbeing Challenge – ‘No Junk June’?  The aim is to reduce the amount of junk food we all eat.

No Junk June includes four mini-challenges throughout the month:

Mini Challenge One –

Replace a takeaway with a home cooked meal

We will be encouraging people in our services to replace a takeaway usually ordered with a home-cooked meal.

Mini Challenge Two –

See how much you spend on junk food

We will be supporting Service Users to calculate how much money they could save by cutting out junk food.

Mini Challenge Three –

Learn a ‘Fakeaway’ recipe

‘Fakeaways’ are a great way of eating a healthier version of a takeaway. We will be providing recipes and support to try making a ‘Fakeaway’.

Mini Challenge Four –

Plan a meal with a friend and share ideas

We will be encouraging social interaction with joint sessions sharing ideas and planning meals together.

Cutting out Junk in June is healthier, it costs less and tastes better so why don’t you take up the challenge too, and see what you can create?