Move More March
  • By Daniela Jacques
  • Mar 1, 2018

The 2018 Wellbeing Challenge – Move More March

Looking back, at month one’s challenge –  Fruity February- where we were encouraged to add different types of fruit to our diet so that we could maximise the health benefits.

Some of the highlights were the FOCUS sessions.  Service Users were both astounded and amazed by the sugar content of some fruits, realising that although considered a healthy food choice, care and attention need to be given to how much and which types of fruit are eaten. There were lots of other events including arty sessions of fruit painting, exotic fruit cooking and a bake-off.

Today we start month two of the Wellbeing Challenge and this month we will be focusing on physical wellbeing with Move More March. The aim, as with all the challenges, will be to make incremental improvements – small actions that can have big consequences. Everyone will be able to get involved, whether that is by trying a new sport or taking up a regular stretching routine.

March is always an important month at Independence Homes because several of the causes we are particularly passionate about will also be supported.  Purple Day, on the 26th March, is the day when we globally show our support and raise awareness of epilepsy.

The week from the 26th March to the 2nd April is Autism Awareness Week,  which supports the important work of creating a wider understanding of this condition. Findings ways of making it easier for people with Autism to participate in all areas of life and contribute to society, through work or in the community.

Sports Relief will be taking place this  March between the 17th and 23rd.  This Comic Relief charity event takes place every two years and is in association with BBC Sport to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

There will be opportunities organised to help raise money for all these charities, and we will be combining activities with this month’s theme.  As ever check our social media for updates on the activities taking place and please share your participation or support, but most of all – just enjoy moving more!