• By Daniela Jacques
  • Jan 25, 2018

Vision Boards

Independence Homes are supporting Service Users to create vision boards. Vision Boards provide a physical representation of the person’s goals They work by being a regular reminder while also displaying them to the world.

We believe that by dreaming big and defining what you want, the possibilities and opportunities to achieve will expand. We find that the boards can also trigger a discussion between people. Helping to develop social bonds by introducing what a person enjoys doing and what is important to them.

Everyone can benefit from this simple yet effective motivational tool. We have put these three tips together to help in supporting others to create a vision board.

Hold a vision board party. Gather magazines, newspapers, catalogues and photographs. Craft or collected items that can also be used, for example, holiday brochures, magazine and catalogues.

Encourage planning before starting to put the board together This can be a list of things to include, a mind map or a diagram. Cut out and gather the items before you start sticking – that way you can see what fits where best.

Share and Expand
Encourage people to share their boards with others and give them a prominent position in their home. Vision boards work best if you see them every day. Remind them boards don’t need to stay static, you can add and remove items as your priorities change.

It is no wonder that day-to-day challenges result in future goals being pushed aside or forgotten completely, but as Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them”