• By Vishal
  • Nov 20, 2017

A day in the life of supported living by a service user

I was looking forward to moving to my new flat at Woodland Court, but I found the wait difficult as I was so excited. There were lots of rumours going round IH that the move would be soon. Then finally I moved into my new flat. The move was good but it was frustrating having to move all of my things.

The move took a lot of stress off me. Before moving I tried sharing but sharing, just isn’t my comfort zone and I found working around a flatmate really difficult. I’m a lot more relaxed and stress-free since the move.

I like baking and now I can bake whenever I want. One evening after I had been to the pub in town I came home and decided I wanted to bake a cake then, so I did! The next day I took it in to head office, where I do admin work each week, so everyone could enjoy it.

Earlier in the year I had a week away in Yorkshire with my family. It was nice because we did a couple of National Trust and English Heritage sites. The weather alternated, one day sunny and the next day wet and windy. We saw a couple of deer and lots of rabbits and one hare. I spotted a stag with a deer and a bird of prey when we were on the road to Helmsley.

One day we took the steam and coal train up to Whitby and on the way back dad fell asleep. I took lots of photos, some of him and some of places we visited with his parents. Where we stayed was really quiet. There were the five of us and only two other people.

At the moment it’s quiet at Woodland Court. It’s really nice to be able to spread out more. There is a lot of space inside Woodland Court and outside and it’s nice and bright.

I’m also doing things like watching DVDs. It feels homely. The wait was long but good to get to Woodland Court in the end.