Care Plans

Person-centered plans – Provide a detailed description of individual’s support requirements, including the overall management of their medical and living needs. A person’s medication, appointments and benefits will be incorporated.

Other information is related to a person’s well-being; including key life events, interests and interpersonal needs. Where possible, these documents are created and updated, in partnership with the service user and their family.

Daily Delivery Plan – Clearly defines a person’s daily care and support needs. It comprises of a checklist of the specific needs and wants of the individual. Plans are regularly updated to reflect service users changing circumstances and wishes.

Monthly Delivery Plan – Provides the agenda of a service user for that month. Including medical appointments, trips and activities.

At the end of each day care plans are locked down, to ensure that each morning, support staff only have access to the most current information.

Tailored Alarms

State-of-the-art alarm-systems, upgraded for 2018, are in place at every service.

These provide service users with access to support through a call button. Individually programmed sensors are fitted to every bed, monitoring occupancy, spasms and breathing.

Staff are alerted through a pager system, when and where an alarm has been triggered, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently.

These systems gather important information on seizures and sleeping patterns, which is then collated and analyzed by our medical team. Data is used to refine care plans and share with other health professionals, to provide a 360-degree picture of the person’s condition.

Working in Partnership

Independence Homes regularly work in partnership with health providers, government agencies and care charities. For the benefit of our service users care, important health and medical research and the awareness and support of complex conditions.

Some of our recent partnerships:

  • Headway UK
  • Kings College London
  • Croydon Hospital
  • Young Epilepsy
  • Matthew’s Friends