Our residential services provide highly specialised care and support to people with a huge range of physical and neurological conditions. Services range from those providing intensive support, to others offering a lighter touch support for people with greater independent ability to access activities.

Independence Homes offers community based support; every service is situated in vibrant locations providing easy access to important amenities and transport. Many of the services also offer additional therapy suites and sensory rooms.

Supported living

Our supported living services provide a unique environment of support for adults requiring help to live independently in their own homes, within a community-based setting.

We offer a seamless process for individuals requiring access to round-the-clock support. Every service is staffed and maintained to the highest standards, enabling individuals with complex requirements to live safe and fulfilling lives.

Individuals are helped to develop core life skills whilst being offered the right level of support to pursue their dreams and reach their potential.

Respite Care

We offer respite services for individuals with a wide range of needs who require access to full-time support for limited periods, in either a residential or supported living setting.

Three monthly assessments

Our transition process is thorough and in-depth. We carry out a full assessment of a persons needs before establishing the individual package of care required. As much as possible, we want the individual being supported to be involved in shaping the level of care and how the support is delivered.

Understanding the individual’s support requirements can continue to evolve over time and our aim is to enable greater independence. We therefore offer a three-monthly re-assessment of needs.

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