Complex care made simple for Marie

By the time 22-year-old Marie moved to Independence Homes she had been at a short-stay respite centre for 16 months. Her uncontrollable Epilepsy meant she was unable to return to her family home because she needed access to constant care. She also needed the freedom to enjoy her life again.

Marie's parents and Care Manager visited Independence Homes back in 2010. At first, they had their doubts because our services are so different to everything they had experienced before. We explained that she would have access to 24-hour waking support from expert staff, who were fully trained in administering her medication. At the core of everything we do we strive to ensure everyone enjoys as much independence as possible. So, with our help, Marie could look forward to living a fulfilled life.

Since joining Independence Homes Marie has thrived. Her hospital visits have reduced and, most importantly, her condition has changed from taking over her life to being a manageable part of it. She now enjoys an active life with the many friends she has made. She recently enrolled in college - opening up a world of exciting new opportunities.

Complex Care Made Simple for Arthur

"At IH everything has changed, it is like being part of a family."

32-year-old Arthur was vulnerable and isolated before he moved to Independence Homes in 2013. A serious neurological condition was impacting his day-to-day life. This was compounded after suffering a brain injury when he was involved in a road accident. Arthur was living far from his family and his mental health was suffering.

"Arthur says:"
"Before I moved to Independence Homes, I was a very different person - angry and uptight. I was also confused as I had suffered temporal lobe damage which caused severe memory problems.

When I moved into IH, the staff worked hard to help me integrate with the other Service Users. They helped me get out and do different activities. I still had a lot of anger problems at first, but the more I rebelled, the more they tried to calm me, and after a while, I settled down.

Before I lived here, I lived a lonely life in a single flat with limited people to talk to and ‘celebration times’ were spent on my own. At IH everything has changed, it is like being part of a family."

Arthur is a well-known character throughout the IH community. Arthur is actively involved in many of the different initiatives. He uses his experience of living with a brain injury to help train staff. He also participates in the Service User Board. The Board was established so that Service Users can put forward their ideas and opinions on how services are run.